May 14, 2019

The following issues have been corrected:

  • Vulnerability report from Cisco
    • Cisco TALOS-2019-0792 advisory: TxMasterStyleAtom parsing code
      execution vulnerability. #19817
  • Conversion from Word (DOCX)
    • If a diagram is placed in a table, the conversion created spaces
      above and below the diagram.
    • In the COM interface, the setting of Word table of contents
      (PageNumberCorrection) failed.
  • Conversion from Word (DOC)
    • Page layout was broken when converting from DOC to PDF
  • Conversion from Excel (XLSX)
    • Print settings were not reflected in XLSX to PDF conversion.
    • Text box was misplaced during conversion to PDF.
    • When converting from Excel to PDF, ruled lines were not output.
    • Excel to PDF conversion created large number of Pages including
      blank pages.
  • Conversion from Excel (XLS)
    • PDF created by the conversion from xls could not be opened.
  • Other
    • A small text input file with long line took a long time to render. #19488