AH Formatter V7.0 MR2

May 28, 2020

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Invalid border in the table header with using retrieved marker. RT#23383
  • Incorrect table column width using retrieve-marker. RT#21753
  • display-align="from-table-column(display-align)" did not work in the retrieved table header row marker after the page break. RT#23390
  • Line numbering difference between V6.6 and V7. RT#23427
  • BBox error with axf:form-field and Futura font. RT#23562
  • Premature line break with Noto Sans font and axf:word-break="break-all". RT#23676
  • span="all" and absolutely positioned block prevented the forced page break. RT#23527
  • Table cell overflowed with BPIL processing. RT#23520

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • letter-spacing led to the incorrect page number and alignment in the margin area of the first page. RT#23402
  • target-text that had line breaks created extra pages. RT#23618
  • Incorrect width of the block in the table cell that inherited the width and used -ah-reference-orientation. RT#23599
  • -ah-footnote-max-height did not work with -ah-footnote-keep: always. RT#23475
  • overflow: condense; did not work with German language with BPIL processing.  RT#23551


  • Crash due to the incorrect hyphenation-keep processing. RT#23541
  • Premature page break in the list item with BPIL processing. RT#23595
  • Premature line break with BPIL processing.  RT#23535


  • Crash with HTTP PDF image. RT#23428
  • Extra <Art> tags were created. RT#23610
  • Absolutely positioned element in the margin running element was not tagged as Artifact. RT#23404
  • Random corruptions with http image.  RT#23290
  • SVG parsing errors did not report the filename.  RT#23648
  • CGM file failed to render.  RT#23395
  • The area tree referencing the image was improperly loaded.