AH Formatter V7.0 MR5

October 22, 2020

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Empty space in the continued table. RT#24872
  • Overflow of the table with rotated cells. RT#24872
  • Row spanned cell was incorrectly drawing the border bottom. RT#22633
  • border-after-width.conditionality="retain" did not work for the row spanned cell. RT#22633
  • Overflowing axf:footnote-number-citation repeated the value instead of putting each digit. RT#24892
  • With BPIL enabled, Formatter crashed. RT#24786
  • High memory usage with large .fo file. RT#24557

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Rotated cell was not using the row max-height. RT#25007
  • Incorrect target-text() result with the command line. RT#25047
  • Premature page break with footnotes. RT#25057


  • Overflow with -ah-justify-nbsp:false. RT#25031
  • BPIL and -ah-hanging-punctuation could break at non-breaking space. RT#25110


  • Some links were not working. RT#24843
  • Embedded PDF created a corrupt PDF output. RT#24970
  • Embedding an embeddable version of the PDF could fail. 
  • Error in embedding PDF. RT#25105
  • Formatting with BPIL and Tex hyphenation dictionary did not finish. RT#24968
  • Burmese characters overlapped. RT#20220
  • List body lines were not indented with Word output option. RT#24761