AH Formatter V7.1 MR1

March 18, 2021


  • The Dutch exception dictionary, nl.xml has been attached

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • writing-mode="rl" rendered incorrect glyph with fo:character RT#26195
  • Change bar was mis-aligned RT#26408
  • alignment-baseline="before-edge" increased the line height RT#25977
  • bpil-limit-chars created a premature page break RT#26072
  • bpil overflowed into the footnote area RT#26072

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Wrong running element was used RT#26115
  • Incorrect rendering of fixed layout table if *::before or *::after were defined RT#26263
  • Wrong page selector was used RT#26188


  • The text-shadow property was not applied correctly when kerning was set
  • Arabic characters were not rendered correctly
  • System error with SamsungOneMyanmar-450 font RT#26234


  • Font was incorrectly marked as bold in PDF output RT#25958
  • PNG image crashed RT#26123
  • Incorrect z-index rendering from AreaTree RT#26177
  • Large CSS document area tree lost SVG images RT#26262
  • Missing 'Unexpected FO element' error message RT#26318