AH Formatter V7.1 MR3

June 17, 2021

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Performance problem with large table RT#27213
  •  Footnote rendering didn't end RT#27070
  • Character width of fo:page-number-citation with axf:suppress-folio-prefix="true" or axf:suppress-folio-suffix="true" was incorrect
  • Hyphenation processing was not performed because the judgment of xml:lang was incorrect
  • Incorrect word breaking with Portuguese and BPIL RT#27115

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • CSS rendering deeply nested spans didn't terminate RT#27158
  • Multicol page float added a space before the span all block RT#27206
  • colgroup with ::before element defined ignored the width RT#27037
  • Custom variables not working RT#27331
  • Last margin-top was not used RT#26933
  • Last page selector was not used. RT#26933


  • PDF language was not added with command line version of Formatter RT#27088
  •  Incorrect text read by screen reader for link inside a table cell RT#26999
  • Wrapped link led to nested alternate text error with Acrobat accessibility check RT#26987
  • Depending on the version of PDF, the image quality of PNG was corrupted
  • GUI got stuck in a loop rendering the SVG image over and over again RT#27302
  •  'Malgun Gothic' was selected as Japanese font RT#26757
  • Crash using Noto Color Emoji font RT#27338
  • Request ability to reduce error level of '18967 (4A17)' errors RT#27266
  • Crash with -2pass option RT#27061 & RT#27175
  • Crash with Java threaded OpenSSL initialization RT#26705