AH Formatter V7.1 MR4

August 5, 2021


  • Now able to specify whether to set alternate text for tags descended from tags that have alternate text settings. allow-nest-alt-text RT#26987 

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Float was prematurely moved to the next page. RT#27370
  • Float in a rotated container overflowed. RT#27827
  • axf:table-row-orphans was not working for tables that span across pages.
  • BPIL hyphenation of Bulgarian word with Latin characters in a superscript omitted hyphen marks. RT#27290

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • letter-spacing was incorrect. RT#27624
  • Absolutely positioned image was tagged twice in PDF. RT#27726
  • width.minimum: nanpt error. RT#27634
  • Image overflowed with 'page-break-before:always'. RT#27723
  • Span all block didn't fill the width after the page break if content area changed the size. RT#27803
  • CSS element with 'position: fixed' at the beginning of a page rendered at the bottom of the page. RT#27767
  • The 'dir' matching rule was not working. RT#27824


  • 'transparent' didn't work for text-shadowtext-shadow. RT#27401


  • PDF/2A glyph error. RT#27328
  • Embedded images in SVG was missing when SVG was used as page background in tagged PDF. RT#27503
  •  Incorrect rendering with 'SBL Hebrew' font. RT#27722
  • Incorrect glyph rendering with TiemposText font. RT#27811