Formatter V7.2 MR1

November 4, 2021

This month we're celebrating 21 years of development for AH Formatter, the most powerful publishing engine for PDF and print documents.  We will continue to bring enhancements and the best support for many years to come!

Feature Highlights for V7.2:

  • Available for AWS Graviton 2 and M1 Mac
  • Supports .NET Core 3.1 interface
  • Display bookmarks in the GUI (Windows only)

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Block overflowed at the beginning of the new column. RT#28550
  • Float in a block with axf:keep-together-within-dimension overflowed.
  • White space in a block with axf:overflow-condense="font-stretch" was removed.
  • font-face query parameters with url() prevented the extension detection. RT#26705
  • Incorrect change bar and text decorations in a relatively positioned block. RT#28535
  • Dutch document rendering using bpil never completed. RT#28496
  • Crash with supplied document. RT#28400

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Text overflowed into the footnote area. RT#28282
  • -ah-suppress-duplicate-footnote didn't work if the footnote body was a block. RT#28438
  • -ah-suppress-duplicate-footnote reset the footnote number incorrectly after the page break. RT#28438
  • -ah-suppress-duplicate-footnote didn't work with the rtl content. RT#28438
  • Margin and chapter counter errors in a large document. RT#28293
  • -ah-keep-together-within-dimension was not working correctly. RT#28523
  • @page could not be used inside @media. RT#28430


  • In some East Asian scripts, joiners (U+200D) rendered incorrectly.


  • The font selection was incorrect when creating PDF. RT#28207
  • Embedded PDF was not output correctly.
  • Embedded font error when outputting a document with AcroForm in PDF/UA. RT#28321
  • A part of CGM image being stretched. RT#28419
  • Postscript from "Adobe PDF" in German version of Windows had incorrect page settings. RT#27649
  • XSLT warnings was not shown in GUI log window first time the document and stylesheet were transformed. RT#28288
  • Linux version was missing the port number in GET host header. RT#26705