AH Formatter V7.2 MR3

February 3, 2022


  • It is now possible to set a string to fallback if axf:alttext / -ah-alttext are not set. ☞ fallback-alttext  RT#29250

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • axf:footnote-keep="always" was not working. RT#29027
  • Drawing of axf:border-radius was incorrect when span="all" was specified.
  • relative-align="baseline" didn't work with block-container in fo:list-item-body. RT#29326
  • axf:pdftag="''" was not working for fo:flow or fo:block. RT#28893
  • PDF Artifact had incorrect Type instead of Layout RT#29068

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Overflow of spanned content on a page with footnotes. RT#29351
  • keep-together.within-page was not working with row spanned table cell. RT#28007
  • Unsupported graphic error with linear-gradient background-image inside a list-item in a table-cell. RT#29348
  • Invalid counter reset. RT#29216
  • Incorrect page number reference in a table header. RT#29260
  • SVG CDATA style rules were ignored. RT#29063
  • Formatting didn't complete. RT#29052


  • Bengali mark was disconnected. RT#29049


  • PDF Javascript added an extra backslash. RT#29096
  • unicode-range was not checked with <script-font> configuration setting. RT#29255
  • test-align justify problem with Libertinus font. RT#29148
  • Crash with supplied document and fonts. RT#29324
  • Output PDF image was incorrect due to incorrect PNG processing.
  • Extra lines were rendered in SVG image. RT#25894
  • Missing content in SVG. RT#29199
  • Extra content was rendered in SVG. RT#29198
  • Formatting using the .NET interface failed.
  • -xmlerr option changed the error level. RT#29204