Formatter V7.2 MR4

March 24, 2022

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Float and footnote created an extra gap on the next page. RT#28697
  • Formatting failed with data with fo:folio-prefix and letter-spacing specified.
  • Crash fix. RT#29438
  • Premature page break with multicol float using the start and after position. RT#29518
  • Overflow occurred if the size of the body content area was different when switching page masters.
  • Float created the duplicate content. RT#29519
  • Integer keep-together.within-line was not working with BPIL. RT#29563

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Float overflowed before the forced page break. RT#29494
  •  Missing page header after the table break. RT#29510
  • Formatting failed due to incorrect processing of the caption element.
  • Page counter reset was not working in the multi-column document. RT#29524


  • Validation error with PDF/X-4:​2010 and embedded PDF/X-3:2002. RT#29543
  • Validation error with PDF/A-2a. RT#29637
  • Incorrect PDF layer visibility if tagging was used. RT#29530
  • Endless loop with PDF input file. RT#29281
  • Crash fix for some inputs with axf:pdftag. RT#29561
  • Incorrect glyph rendering with TiemposText font. RT#27811
  • Incorrect glyph rendering with Symbol font.
  • Question mark could not be used for the font-family name. RT#29674
  • Incorrect SVG rendering. RT#29601
  • Formatting failed with the .NET interface.
  • HTTP redirect to the same url with added trailing slash was not working. RT#29422