AH Formatter V7.2 MR8

October 13, 2022

Enhancements and bug fixes


  • Empty block and float caused PDF image to be embedded twice. RT#30653
  • Float performance problem RT#30743
  • Incorrect width of rotated block-container in table header in a multi-column area. RT#30690
  • Table footer repeated and corrupted with table-omit-footer-at-break="true". RT#30766
  • Incorrect footnote numbering. RT#30605
  • Footnote overflowed. RT#30733
  • axf:footnote-number-reset="even-page" did not work. RT#30605


  • Crash with Arabic document. RT#30750
  • Rendering slowed down and overflowed. RT#30567
  • Last page of embedded PDF used the wrong page selector. RT#30648


  • Invalid PDF/UA-1 header check. RT#30618
  • Bottom left evaluation watermarked was not marked as Artifact. RT#30646
  • Warning when reading PDF as per specifications.
  • Absolutely positioned that set bookmark prevented other bookmarks from appearing. RT#30578
  • Gradients did not work if the first <stop> offset was not 0 with SVG. RT#30713
  • Crash if path point had 'NaN' in SVG. RT#30714
  • munmap_chunk() and free() invalid pointer errors with SVG. RT#30292
  • MathML <mlabeledtr> label ignored rowalign. RT#30746