AH Formatter V7.2 MR9

December 1, 2022

Enhancements and bug fixes

FO Corrections:

  • The float using axf:float-move="next" was rendered on a blank page RT#30894
  • The block-progression-dimension.maximum property specified in fo:table-cell did not work
  • Arabic text-align-last="justify" created a longer line RT#30896
  • Crash due to improper handling of footnotes RT#30831
  • Extra spacing after the footnote number RT#30912
  • Crash with the float change-bar extension in a footnote RT#30838
  • Incorrect max-height calculation RT#30814
  • Breaking blocks across pages failed due to incorrect BPIL handling
  • Early line break in a table cell with BPIL and Portuguese hyphenation RT#30920

CSS Corrections:

  • An empty inline element created a line
  • Truncated image in a cell using -ah-repeat-cell-content-at-break RT#30796
  • Overflow after the page selector change RT#30857
  • 'white-space: pre-wrap' overflow with BPIL RT#30870
  • Performance problem with overflowing content RT#30771


  • axf:pdftag="''" did not work for table row RT#30792
  • axf:pdftag="Div" did not work with table cell RT#30792
  • PDF annotation dates had an extra hour added RT#30782
  • Error in output PDF using embedded PDFs RT#30890
  • PDF output failed due to incorrect font handling
  • Crash with Inter font RT#30884
  • Incorrect marker-end rendering in SVG RT#30927
  • CGM text position was shifted RT#30802
  • CGM text distortion RT#30802
  • QR barcode with Latin diaeresis generated an invalid Shift-JIS error RT#30925
  • Linux HTTP response buffer was too small RT#30744