Formatter V7.3 MR1

March 9, 2023


  • Now able to specify data:scheme in axf:annotation-file-attachment / CSS -ah-annotation-file-attachment.

FO Corrections:

  • Incorrect image height with block-progression-dimension.maximum="100%". RT#31062
  • Incorrect line break position of fo:block-container in multiple columns.
  • Nested block-container with columns overflowed. RT#31045
  • axf:initial-letters generated extra indentations in following blocks. RT#31065
  • line-height="0pt" in the span="all" block prevented the page break. RT#31153
  • Premature line break occurred in a table cell with Turkish pair kerning. RT#31145
  • Infinite loop kept creating pages. RT#31114

CSS Corrections:

  • Incorrect sidenote position from a table. RT#31104
  • Incorrect suppressed footnote number in a table header. RT#31106
  • '-ah-suppress-if-first-on-page:true' added a space to the following block. RT#31043
  • 'text-align: right' did not work with 'writing-mode: tb-rl'. RT#31068
  • Incorrect character direction due to incorrect processing of dir="ltr" specified in the bdo element.

Common Corrections:

  • Greek letter overlapped. RT#31049


  • Modified field appeared as Unknown when viewed files attached with axf:annotation-type="FileAttachment" in Acrobat.
  • axf:pdftag="Artifact" in a table header row led to the incorrect tagging. RT#31154
  • The form fields appeared to be missing when embedding a PDF containing a PDF form, RT#31149
  • Overlapping graphics with transparency="false" setting. RT#31129
  • Printer mark SVG file didn't render <text> elements. RT#31124
  • Different text positions from SVGs in version 7.3 vs 7.2. RT#31129
  • rgb(256, 0, 0) was treated as black in SVG. RT#31123
  • Link specified in SVG did not work. RT#31173
  • Infinite loop with gradients in SVG. RT#31113
  • CSS licensed Formatter could not render the SVG <text> element. RT#31091
  • Crash with the webp image. RT#31084
  • OpenGL dependency was missing in Windows Server 2019 Core. RT#31092