Formatter V7.3 MR4

August 3, 2023

FO Revisions:

  • Premature page break with keep-together.within-page="always". RT#31533

CSS Revisions:

  • Incorrect page number citation in the repeated table header. RT#31500
  • float created the invalid area overflow error. RT#31477
  • -ah-assumed-page-number used the  wrong running element in the header. RT#31559
  • -ah-assumed-page-number displaced the embedded PDF. RT#31559
  • -ah-assumed-page-number caused the rtl table to overflow. RT#31559
  • break-before: column caused the overflow. RT#31540
  • Overflow with -ah-break-distance. RT#31594
  • Numeric xlink:href link did not work. RT#31611

Common Revisions:

  • unicode-range parsing problem with U+ followed by the alphabetic character. RT#31571

  • line-break="line" didn't move the single word to satisfy hyphenation-keep when BPIL was applied. RT#30571

Other Revisions:

  • axf:pdftag="Div" in table-row was not closed properly. RT#31544
  • -ah-pdftag: '' for the table cell created the extra <div> tag. RT#31420
  • 'word-spacing: 0' created the extra <span> tag. RT#31420
  • rgb-icc() color was incorrect in SVG. RT#31589
  • Crash with the supplied file in SVG. RT#31505
  • font-size="0pt" created the corrupt PDF in SVG RT#31480
  • preserveAspectRatio did not work in SVG. RT#31442
  • black boxes were rendered instead of letters in CGM. RT#31490
  •  Java interface permanent "No XSL Stylesheet is specified" with CSS input that generated an error. RT#31475