Formatter V7.3 MR5

September 21, 2023

FO Revisions:

  • Negative margin-top overflowed. RT#31687
  • Invalid text position on the page with float. RT#31687
  • Footnote overflowed. RT#31564
  • Footnote repeated if it was in a table marker. RT#31616
  • axf:repeat-footnote-in-table-header="false" did not work if the table header used fo:retrieve-table-marker. RT#31616
  • axf:keep-together-within-dimension created a premature break in the previous block. RT#31602
  • break-before caused "Out of memory Error".
  • 2pass created an invalid page reference number. RT#31743

CSS Revisions:

  • Overflow over the table occurred. RT#31594
  • column-span: all; caused an incorrect column break before the block with it specified.
  • Incorrect position of the text in a rotated table cell in a rtl document. RT#31715
  • Negative margin-top in a footnote created a premature break. RT#31726
  • Incorrect running element shown in a page header. RT#31737
  • Overflow even with -ah-keep-together-within-dimension. RT#31732

Other Revisions:

  • PDF/UA-1 non-compliant trigger error with #named destination. RT#31690
  • PDF/UA-1 with acroform button had 'non compliant trigger event' error. RT#31677
  • Incorrect rendering with SamsungOneLao font. RT#31676
  • Error with Noto Sans Hebrew font. RT#31595
  • Absolute path for font in Windows registry made Formatter scan the entire directory the font is in. RT#31595, 31637
  • Helvetica font alias led to select font error. RT#31586
  • MathML variant-font did not work if axs:font-settings was used. RT#31695
  • SVG to PDF output results were incorrect due to the incorrect image processing.
  • Numeric xlink:href link that included letters or symbols did not work with SVG. RT#31611
  • overflow="visible" property with SVG did not work.
  • Invalid area overflow with a table inside full width block. RT#31645
  • error-if-overflow did not work on the last page. RT#31720