Formatter V7.3 R1

January 19, 2023


  • Support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 2 rendering.
  • Support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 2 output, if the SVG output option has been purchased.
  • Support for SVG filter and mask.
  • Support for Emoji
  • Now able to check the display status of layers in GUI.
  • Now able to select how bookmarks open in the bookmarks window in GUI.
  • Enhanced the Edit StyleSheet menu in GUI to show a submenu when the document uses multiple CSS stylesheets.
  • Enhanced the document info dialog in GUI.
  • Enhanced the ability to specify output pages in GUI and the command-line Interface. Output Range, -page
  • Now able to output a blank page at the end with the command-line Interface. -addbp
  • Extended the feature of CSS @font-face
  • Now able to specify a generic font according to the script with the extension element. 
  • Extended the value of axf:document-info / HTML <meta>
  • Extended the value of axf:float-move / CSS -ah-float-move
  • Extended the value of break-after / CSS (-ah-)break-after and break-before / CSS (-ah-)break-before
  • Now able to specify effective heights for break-after and break-before. axf:break-distance / CSS -ah-break-distance
  • Extended the value of page-position
  • Extended the value of initial-page-number
  • Extended the value of axf:punctuation-trim / CSS (-ah-)punctuation-trim
  • Now able to specify the character string treatable for trimming space between ideograph character and non-ideographic alphabet character and full width punctuation. axf:text-treat-as / CSS -ah-text-treat-as
  • Extended the value of axf:text-combine-horizontal / CSS (-ah-)text-combine-horizontal
  • Extended the value of border-style
  • Now able to specify the line thickness for border-style="triple". axf:border-triple-thickness / CSS -ah-border-triple-thickness
  • Extended the value of axf:border-wave-form / CSS -ah-border-wave-form
  • Now able to specify CSS (-ah-)counter-set
  • Now able to specify the image rotation. axf:image-orientation / CSS -ah-image-orientation
  • Now able to specify the version of product required for formatting. axf:require / CSS -ah-require
  • Extended the setting to the character string specified by watermark-text in the Option Setting File.
  • Now able to adjust the origin of MediaBox in PDF to (0,0) in the Option Setting File. 
  • Now able to set a fallback string when axf:alttext / -ah-alttext are not set in the Option Setting File.
  • Now able to specify the error level for unresolved internal-destinations in the Option Setting File.
  • Now able to specify whether to ignore invalid certificate errors, such as self-signed certificate, in https: in the Option Setting File.

FO Corrections:

  • Float created an extra space in the multi-column document. RT#31021
  • Table overflowed. RT#30970
  • Table overflowed the content. RT#30970
  • Overflow in a table header cell. RT#30970
  • Incorrect footnote numbering. RT#31006
  • Incorrect footnote numbering if the page has footnotes from previous pages. RT#30605
  • fo:change-bar-begin z-index did not work. RT#30947
  • default-color configuration setting not workingfo:folio-prefix broke the change bar. RT#30959
  • Overflow with axf:float-y="after" in the multi-column document. RT#30991
  • Text was not aligned after the use of the span="all" blocks. RT#29667
  • Page float caused the overflow in the multi-column block container. RT#31002
  • Crash if fo:retrieve-table-marker created the nested table cells. RT#31022

CSS Corrections:

  • Incorrect handling of "!important" specified in the margin box.
  • Incorrect inline-block height with the BIDI processing.
  • Incorrect string that changed dir in &lt;bdo&gt; with the BIDI processing.

Common Corrections:

  • BIDI processing was incorrect when the inline element had the width settings.


  • Incorrect PDF keywords shown in Acrobat. RT#30922
  • Incorrect "&yen;" output in PDF without embedded fonts.
  • A part of image was black in PDF output. RT#31000
  • Incorrect marker direction in SVG rendering. RT#30937
  • Incorrect text rendering in WMF. RT#30961
  • Setting of HyphenDicPath in the .NET interface did not work. RT#30783
  • default-color configuration setting did not work. RT#31006