Formatter V7.4 MR1

February 8, 2024


  • Intermittent crashing RT#31592


  • Multi column area overflowed into footnotes. RT#31724
  • Table cell contents containing full-width spaces overflowed.
  • Duplicated running header text with unbreakable-words option. RT#32035
  • Grid overflow error with placing grid elements at the start of the page. RT#32058
  • Incorrect footnote rendering when :last page has different footnote reference area. RT#32014
  • Footnote processing didn't finish. RT#32014


  • Some contents were covered over by black boxes in embedded PDF. RT#31922
  • Parentheses in axf:outline-title were not shown in PDF bookmarks. RT#32116
  • Embedded PDF and lines were not output correctly in SVG.
  • COM interface Formatting exception: stat=14 err=0000007B. RT#32001
  • Print dialog used desktop focused window as parent and might not have 'SaveAs' dialog. RT#32081