Formatter V7.4 MR2

March 28, 2024


  • Premature page break and overflow with multi-line rotated container in a table cell. RT#32162
  • List number was pushed on the next baseline grid. RT#32211
  • axf:initial-letters overflowed. RT#32249
  • When BPIL was applied to a statement with text-align="justify", the width between strings was incorrect.
  • Crash if float was defined before block with axf:initial-letters. RT#32249


  • Incorrect page number reference in repeated table footer. RT#32196
  • Table with automatic layout and the width set to auto overflowed if column width is specified as a percentage. RT#32071
  • Extra space was generated after the column float. RT#32181
  • Flexbox had incorrect column width. RT#32059
  • Incorrect footnote numbering. RT#32171
  • Incorrect footnote numbering. RT#32143
  • font-family:inherit did not work for math elements. RT#32160
  • SYSTEM ERROR: oldChild is not a child of this node. RT#32193


  • AcroForm in embedded PDF did not work if other embedded PDF has AcroForm with empty fields. RT#32169
  • Font read error with 'DFPHei Std' font. RT#32172
  • Missing linearGradient in SVG. RT#32237
  • Overline used the wrong stroke color. RT#32175
  • mtable columnspacing="" crash with MathML. RT#32209
  • The way to search for hyphenation dictionary files was incorrect.
  • Area tree rendering got stuck. RT#32179