Formatter V7.4 MR3

May 16, 2024


  • Support for .NET 8. RT#32174


  • axf:footnote-number-reset did not work correctly.
  • axf:suppress-duplicate-footnote did not work correctly.
  • Incorrect indentation of verses following a hanging initial in XSL-FO. RT#32284


  • Text-decoration was visible in the block with visibility:hidden. RT#32318
  • '-ah-margin-break: discard' did not work at the bottom of the page. RT#32388
  • counter() was incorrect with CSS flexbox (display: flex;).
  • Extra counter value was added in a header. RT#32378


  • Crash when embedding broken PDF. RT#32337
  • 'HarmonyOS Sans SC' was not used for Japanese. RT#32313
  • Words in a cell were hyphenated incorrectly when a table cell was sent to the next page.
  • Table cell content overflowed due to non-end-of-line word hyphenation config. RT#32346