Formatter V7.4 R1

December 21, 2023

Special Features/Appeal Items:

  • System Requirements have been updated.
  •  Support for CSS Grid. CSS (-ah-)display RT#, 12404, 22937, 23860
  •  Support for CSS Flexible Box CSS (-ah-)display RT# 12404, 14438
  • Now able to render without waiting for page number resolution in CSS. CSS -ah-fixed-width-pending-page-number RT# 31415, 31549

CSS Only

  • Extended the feature of CSS ::before / ::after. CSS ::before / ::after
  • Extended the feature of CSS ::before / ::after. Pseudo Classes
  • Now able to output CSS Debug Tree RT# 14000, 14738

Extended Properties

  • Now able to convert the data specified in src in fo:external-graphic to PDF using Office Server Document Converter. axf:image-preproc / CSS -ah-image-preproc
  • Now able to specify how to perform the line breaking in a URL. axf:url-break / CSS -ah-url-break
    RT# 31501
  • Now able to specify whether to place a hyphen also at the start of the line when breaking lines at a hyphen. axf:double-hyphen-translineation / CSS -ah-double-hyphen-translineation RT# 31391
  • Now able to specify the alignment of a float on the start side of the dropped initial. axf:initial-letters-start-intrusion / CSS -ah-initial-letters-start-intrusion RT# 31327
  •  Extended the feature of axf:border-radius RT# 31515
  • Now able to specify whether printer marks are drawn over the page content. axf:printer-marks-over-content / CSS -ah-printer-marks-over-content RT# 31424
  • Now able to specify the data: scheme for axf:annotation-file-attachment / CSS -ah-annotation-file-attachment RT# 30978

Option Settings

  • Now able to specify whether black is always converted to K100 when color-conversion="all-cmyk". color-conversion-k100 RT# 31644
  • Now able to specify the resolution of the image when setting the blurring in box-shadow. boxshadow-resolution-dpi RT# 31661
  • Now able to specify whether to create the directory when images are copied to the directory specified by copy-image-path and processed, if the destination directory of the specified image copy does not exist. create-copy-image-path-svgcicp
  • Now able to specify whether to output deprecated annotations in PDF2.0. allow-deprecated-annotation
  • Now able to specify whether to embed PDF1.X in PDF2.0. allow-embedding-lower-versions RT# 31706
  • Now able to specify XML Catalog files. xml-catalog


  • Now able to specify whether to scan the Windows system font directory by registry or by physical directory. winfonts-registry RT# 31218, 31219


  • Now able to reset the layer display in GUI. Layer Submenu
  • Now able to specify whether text should always be displayed with glyph lines when drawing MathML in GUI.


  • Added 'fr' unit for grid layout support. 
  • Now able to process files with long paths in Windows versions. System Requirements RT# 23035
  • Now able to specify the display magnification of the bar width for Linear Barcodes. RT# 31336

XLS-FO Revisions:

  • Float caused the content to repeat. RT# 31998
  • fo:list-item height changed after the page break. RT# 32007
  • Integer keep did not work within the multicolumn context. RT# 31752
  • overflow="condense" caused the incorrect lines when converting to PDF.
  • Formatter terminated abnormally.

CSS Revisions:

  • Footnotes caused the table cell height to expand to the page height. RT# 31929
  • Order of @font-face with unicode-range affected the formatting result. RT# 32011
  • Incorrect leader position with rtl text and words that had alphabetic and numeric characters. 
    RT# 31939

Other Revisions:

  • Crash using non-embeddable CODE2000 font. RT# 31983
  • Bitmap image in SVG was missing when downscaling options were used. RT# 31958
  • ID reference characters in SVG links were different from those in HTML links.
  • Fill pattern in SVG created corrupt PDF. RT# 31946
  • Added the ability to add hyphenation exceptions for words in a different language. RT# 31836
  • Incorrect axf:border-double-thickness rendering from AreaTree. RT# 31973