AHRTS V1.6 Release

April 29, 2022


  • Remove hash tags in filenames
  • AH Formatter V7.2 engine config files
  • Update Alternate Java library:
    • Formatter V7 support, new S_PDF_VERSION_* constants
    • Incorrect check for Windows operating system
    • Windows version of Formatter doesn't have etc/ directory
    • Setting a specific Formatter installation clears environment variables (C:\Windows would be used as temporary directory for EPS processing which leads to permission error, variables like HTTP_PROXY and SSL_CERT_FILE would be ignored)
    • Output device string being added twice with render()
    • Formatter V7.1 environment variables
    • Formatter V7.2 environment variables
    • Process stream close fix
    • Wait for process stream copy threads to finish
    • Formatter V7.2 Linux directory name doesn't append _64
    • Default Unix Formatter directory check could use wrong version number for x.0 installations
    • Default Unix Formatter directory check work around for Formatter V6.0 using wrong name for font config environment variable


  • Test case creation wasn't closing streams
  • Streams not closed using JavaProperties
  • Incorrect java.version parsing with newer versions of Java
  • Temporary files couldn't be deleted
  • Incorrect checking if both base and new documents had formatting errors
  • GUI file selector labels weren't centered
  • Extra properties file being saved to config/system-cache.properties
  • File chooser 'cancel' selection was still updating currently selected file RT# 29750
  • Drag and drop didn't work in the Test Samples tab
  • Loading a property file in the GUI didn't update the file value for File Chooser widgets
  • Render backends might not report an error if PDF to image conversion failed
  • PDF2PDF GUI lockup if only one of the PDF to image conversions failed 
  • mupdf render backend failed to render PDFs with more than one dot in file name
  • xpdf render backend failed to render PDFs with unicode characters in file name


  • Subscription license option