AH Formatter V7.0 MR1

April 10, 2020

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Premature page break. RT#22914
  • display-align="center" did not work if block-container was pushed to the next column. RT#23037
  • Row spanned cell was rendered without bottom border. RT#22633
  • retrieve-table-marker overflowed. RT#22690
  • fo:wrapper caused an overflow. RT#22972
  • em-space caused an overflow with bpil and language specified. RT#23073
  • Crash with document with bpil and axf:line-number specified. RT#23156
  • Improved the line breaking with Knuth-Plass bpil and long URLs. RT#23127
  • suppress-if-first-on-page-block caused an overflow. RT#23159
  • Chained suppress-if-first-on-page did not work in the second flow. RT#23186

CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Rotated table overflowed. RT#23002
  • Crash with document with table header. RT#23135
  • Crash with document with white-space-treatment="preserve" specified. RT#23013
  • 'display: none' affected the starting position of block. RT#23070
  • Performance problem. RT#22825


  • Incorrect PDF/UA-1 heading error. RT#22930
  • PDF file was corrupted due to invalid drawing processing. RT#23084
  • Request addition of /System/Library/Fonts/Supplemental to default macOS font folders. RT#23276
  • DFHeiHK font could not be used unless Formatter's default fonts/ folder was used. RT#22971