HTML on Word V1.2

July 8, 2022


  1. Added option to output the name of the paragraph style set in Word as the value of the class attribute of the <p> or <h> tag in HTML
  2. Now able to output the style name specified for the table as the class attribute value of the <table> tag
  3. Added option to output italics, underlines and strikethroughs in Word font groups as tag or style attribute value
  4. Added option to output text color specification as a style attribute value
  5. Added option to output original image files (emf, wmf, png...) in their original format without conversion
  6. Added option to output formulas in MathML or Office Math format
  7. Now able to detect the type of paragraph number (lowercase alphabet, Roman numerals...) and set it as the value of the class attribute value of the <ol> tag
  8. Now able to set number as the class attribute value for the heading number
  9. Now able to output the start number in an ordered list <ol>
  10. Now able to output the tag value of the Citation field as the href attribute value of the <a> tag
  11. Now able to output endnotes at the end of the document and set up reference links from the footnote symbols in the body text


  • Changed the method of generating SVG file names when outputting figures as SVG files
  • Changed to output inserted figure numbers as text in the figure numbering feature
  • Changed the text output method for text boxes without borders


  • The direction of the frame was rotated 90 degrees and the lines of the European text were vertical
  • Chart numbers had different values from those displayed in Word
  • Inline bulleted text was dropped out
  • Bullet points were not adequately judged and the second line of a bullet point became a paragraph