OSDC V10.0 R1

November 8, 2023


  • Support for PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-2a, PDF/A-2u, PDF/A-3a, PDF/A-3b and PDF/A-3u.
  • Added the option to not to output Word bookmarks.
  • Enhanced support for Excel page overflows.
  • Enhanced support for CGM.
  • Support for Unicode on Windows command line.

Conversion from Word (DOCX)

  • Line enclosures in layout frames were not displayed correctly.
  • Support for not specifying the level at which to start the "Define new Multilevel list".
  • The thickness of the tab-leader in the table of contents was not displayed correctly.
  • Images with anchors in paragraphs that wrap around the side of shape were not positioned correctly.
  • A table that fits on one page with keppNext specified was page broken in the middle of the page.
  • Right-alignment of strings in tables was not displayed correctly.
  • The size of the bulleted line image was not match the font size of the line symbol.
  • Shape just before page break was placed on the previous page and overflowed.
  • A space was placed between the table at the top of the page and the header.
  • Table placement was broken when the table was continuous without line breaks, etc.

Conversion from Word (DOC)

  • The output position of the OLE Object in the footer was incorrect.
  • Unnecessary blank was output when processing line breaks.
  • The line space after a line break was widened.
  • Spacing between strings was not reflect the character spacing in the page settings.
  • When a line break had been deleted in the Track Changes function, the line break would have been displayed. the line break was displayed.
  • Text wrapping was incorrectly determined in a table with text wrapping.

Conversion from Excel

  • Fixed the processing of formulas where the resulting value is not saved.
  • Shapes in the row and column title were not displayed on the next and subsequent pages.

Conversion from MS - Office

  • Font size of horizontal axis labels in graphs was displayed in a reduced size.