June 3, 2020

The following issues have been corrected:

Conversion from Word (DOCX)

  • When justifying text, the beginning and end of a character were dropped out without a line break if the character could not fit on one line.
  • Some borders were not displayed on a nested table.
  • Position of the image in the table was misaligned and the height of the row was not expanded even for the image with text wrapping.
  • Kerning process was not displayed correctly.
  • Space between characters were not displayed correctly.
  • Overlaid text was not displayed.
  • Text wrapping around the image in the text box was not correct.
  • Image was flipped.
  • Conversion was not completed.

Conversion from Word (DOC)

  • When the text exceeding one line is positioned in the center and right alignment tubs, the text was overlapped.

Conversion from Excel (XLSX)

  • Starting page number was not correct.

Conversion from Excel (XLS)

  • When specifying the text rotation to -90 degrees in the cell, the horizontal position was not correct.
  • When full-width was specified for the date and time formats, it was not displayed correctly.
  • In vertical writing mode, even when the horizontal text alignment was set to "General", text was left-justified instead of centered.

Conversion from PowerPoint (PPTX)

  • Paragraph number was not in a correct sequential order.

Image output

  • When converting to an image, an external character was not displayed.