April 14, 2021

The following issues have been corrected:

Conversion from Word (DOCX)

  • Support for the "Cross-reference"
  • Kerning did not reflect character styling
  • Character was cut off at the end of the line
  • Character feed and line break position were not correct
  • Character spacing (middle dot) was too narrow
  • Position of the line break when setting the "Justify" was not correct
  • Positions of the head of line and the hanging were not aligned
  • Position of the image was different from Word when setting the reference of
    the image position in the cell as "inside margin" or "outside margin"
  • There was no difference in the display position when setting the ruby
    offset value as "0pt" and "1pt"
  • Display of the "Distributed" was different when there was an image and text
    and when there was text only in the same paragraph in the cell
  • Multiple words in a cell overlapped
  • Start position of the nested table was not correct
  • The cell inside the table was not displayed in the correct position
  • The table on top of the page and on the previous page overlapped
  • Fixed background colors misalignment with paragraph text
  • The position of the page break in the table was not correct
  • Underline of the text was displayed with bold styling
  • The paragraph underline that should not be displayed was displayed
  • The top and bottom of the image displayed on the full page was cut off
  • A blank line was created when "Hidden" was set to the whole paragraph RT#26081
  • Unnecessary blank space was created before a paragraph RT#26081
  • Abnormal termination occurred when converting an invalid document
  • The process stopped when converting the document with Content Control inserted
    in a table

Conversion from Word (DOC)

  • Operation abnormally terminated when there was a history of deletions of
    table rows
  • Conversion of the check box was invalid

Conversion from Excel (XLSX)

  • Unnecessary blank space was created on the last of the text when setting
  • The file with the paper size in B4 (JIS) was outputted as B4 (ISO)
  • Reading and analysis of form object were not supported

Chart conversion from Excel (XLSX)

  • Some formats were not supported for the analysis and output of chart data
  • Process did not complete when chart data was empty

Conversion from PowerPoint (PPTX)

  • Color was not converted correctly RT#26443

Conversion from MS Office (common for DOCX/PPTX/XLSX)

  • Gradient fill for a shape was not correct
  • Width of the shape was not displayed correctly

Conversion from PDF

  • Operation stopped when converting PDF to image
  • Error occurred when converting password protected PDF to PDF
  • Error occurred for the conversion to image on Linux when converting password protected PDF

Conversion from Text

  • Text conversion was not possible
  • Abnormal termination occurred when converting from Text with Linux version

Image Output

  • Output result by % specification was not correct when outputting an image with Linux version


  • Abnormal termination occurred when converting the non-supported format file