December 21, 2021

The following issues have been corrected:

  1. Conversion from Word (DOCX)
    • Text at the end of line was pushed to the next line due to the difference of the word spacing. 
    • Width of the text box was not displayed correctly.
    • Table and text were not displayed in the correct position when there is a table with text wrapping immediately after a table without text wrapping.
    • Section number of the outline level 2 was different from Word.
    • Distribution and character spacing were not displayed correctly. 
    • Line breaking immediately after the table was incorrect when the table spanned across the pages. 
    • Same character in the same font was replaced by the different font. 
    • Text was displayed in a different font from the middle of the paragraph. 
    • Braille was not displayed correctly.
  2. Conversion from Word (DOC)
    • Placement of the header/footer ignored the binding margin.
    • Layout collapsed when the text was justified.
  3. Conversion from Excel (XLSX)
    • Border of the hidden row was output.
    • HexCode (_0x000D_) included in the string of the formula result was displayed.
    • Data in three pages was output in one page when converting the file processed by an application other than Excel.
    • Font size became smaller when the text was distributed with the setting of "Shrink to fit".
  4. Conversion from Excel (XLS)
    • Check box was not displayed correctly.
    • Contents outside the print range were displayed when converting the file processed by an application other than Excel.
  5. Conversion from MS-Office
    • Transparency of the shape line was not displayed correctly. 
    • Rotation angle of the shape was not reproduced correctly. 
    • Horizontal and vertical flipping of the shape was not displayed correctly. 
    • 0KB file was output when converting the specific graph.