March 10, 2022

The following issues have been corrected:

Conversion from Word (DOCX)

  • Paragraph numbering was not displayed correctly. 
  • Serial numbers of paragraph numbering were not displayed correctly.
  • EQ field without switch was not supported.
  • SEQ field (serial numbers) was not displayed correctly.
  • Image spanning across the pages was not displayed in the correct page.
  • When table with only header row spanned across the pages, the table in the second page and after was not displayed.
  • Line progression of the European language text in the text box was rotated by 90 degrees.
  • Vertical alignment in the text box was not reflected.
  • Space distribution within the line was not correct.
  • Text was not output when only line breaks were set as hidden.
  • Tabs that do not need to be output in the field code were output.
  • Crop settings of the picture was not reflected correctly.
  • Some font was not displayed correctly.
  • Conversion to PDF was incorrect when there were embedded font characters in the document that were not in the environment.

Conversion from Word (DOC)

  • Body text was not displayed correctly when there was an image in the header that exceeded the height of the display range.
  • When there was a layout frame in the header, the layout of the text was broken.
  • Layout of the distributed text was incorrect.
  • Character spacing specified by the “Specify line and character grid” in the page setup was not reflected.
  • Line spacing of the paragraph with only spaces was not displayed correctly.
  • Table with the text wrapping was not displayed.
  • Position of the shape in the wrapping paragraph was not correct.
  • Text layout was incorrect when there is a text box with text wrapping.
  • Output position of the table with binding margin was not correct.
  • Border of the text box was not output.
  • Page breaking position was not correct.

Conversion from Excel

  • Contents in the hidden column and row were output.

Conversion from Excel (XLSX)

  • Contents in the hidden column and row were output.
  • String in the header range was not displayed when the header overlapped the range of the cell filling the background.
  • String of the check box was not displayed correctly.

Conversion from Excel (XLS)

  • Conversion of the check box of the form controls was not supported.

Conversion from MS Office

  • Graphs were not converted.

Conversion from PDF

  • Hyphenation was not displayed when converting from PDF to Images etc.