June 13, 2022

The following issues have been corrected:
Conversion from Word (DOCX)

  • Conversion processing of math equation was incorrect.
  • Position of the background image attached on the header was incorrect.
  • Position of the image in the cell on the header was incorrect.
  • Border for the empty paragraph was not displayed.
  • Paragraph borders were closed at the result column and page breaks.
  • Table border was missing.
  • Some borders for the merged cell were not displayed.
  • Filling inside the cell was incorrect.
  • Text inside the cell was cut off.
  • Position of the table was incorrect.
  • Text wrapping on the left side around the left aligned table was incorrect.
  • When converting multi-column format, horizontal position of the table was incorrect.
  • Space between the paragraphs was not displayed correctly.
  • Two-column format with different width was not displayed correctly.
  • When the tab stop was on the margin on the right side, space by the tab was not displayed.
  • Underline was not displayed by the setting of the tab position.
  • Width of the tab was not displayed correctly.
  • Space by the tab inside the footer was not displayed.
  • Center alignment tab was not reflected for the bullet list.
  • Display of the bullet characters was different from MS Word.
  • Tab width after the bullet character was different from MS Word.
  • Bullet character was different from MS Word.
  • Position of the strikethrough of the bullet character was incorrect.
  • Strikethrough of the bullet character was not displayed.
  • Bullet character was missing.
  • Format of the page numbers was different from MS Word.
  • Unnecessary paragraph number was displayed.
  • Paragraph number of the Heading 1 was not displayed correctly.
  • Justified English text was differently positioned from MS Word.
  • Image placed behind the table was missing.
  • Positions of the in-line image and string on the same line were switched.
  • Display position of the in-line image was incorrect.
  • Sorting process of the shapes was incorrect.
  • Some shapes were missing.
  • Text positioned on the shape was hidden and not displayed.
  • Bracket shape was not displayed correctly.
  • Display position of the text box overlapped with table was incorrect.
  • Underlined was partly not displayed.
  • Vertical range of the character shading was too wide.
  • Unnecessary page break occurred.
  • Character was not displayed correctly.
  • Consecutive blank pages were generated and body text was missing.
  • Footnote was not displayed on the correct position.
  • When outputting track changes, markups for changed lines were not displayed. RT#2608

Conversion from Word (DOC)

  • Processing of non-end-of-line-characters was incorrect.
  • Border of the cell was not reflected correctly.
  • Position of the object was incorrect.
  • Position of the cell on the right end of the nested table was incorrect.
  • Text box was not output.
  • Table was split and displayed.
  • Wrapping around the layout frame was not displayed correctly.
  • Left end of the center and right aligned table in the layout frame was cut off.
  • Indent of the paragraph just after the wrapping by the layout frame was incorrect.
  • Justify in the text box was not displayed correctly.
  • Distributed in the text box was not displayed correctly.
  • Table in the grouped shapes was not displayed correctly.
  • Another image was output.
  • Unnecessary page was output.

Conversion from Excel

  • When selecting the Chart Sheet in the sheet selecting option, the file failed to output.
  • When multiple line breaks continue, height calculation was insufficient and text string was cut off.
  • Grouped shapes were not displayed correctly.

Conversion from Excel (XLSX)

  • Text string on the right end in the right aligned cell was cut off.
  • Hyphen was not displayed.

Conversion from PowerPoint (PPTX)

  • When converting to PDF, table and text were overlapped.

Conversion from MS-Office

  • Horizontal center alignment of the text box was not supported.
  • LineJoin of the AutoShape was incorrect.
  • Shape: Cap type "Round" was not supported

Conversion from PDF

  • Processing of the vertical parallel lines was incorrect.


  • Conversion failed for some xml files.
  • Processing was not complete for some rtf files. RT#29482

Vulnerability report

  • CVE-2022-27404, CVE-2022-27405, CVE-2022-27406