September 7, 2022

The following issues have been corrected:
Conversion from Word (DOCX)

  • Enhancement of Track Change output feature  
  • Table row height was incorrect
  • Some column widths of tables were incorrect
  • Picture in the foreground was placed in the background
  • Picture was displayed on the previous page
  • Picture was misaligned
  • Picture was displayed out of the printing area
  • Positions of picture and shape were incorrect
  • Deleted picture was displayed
  • Picture was unexpectedly rotated
  • Position of the picture rotated in row was incorrect
  • Length of the line arrow shape was incorrect
  • Shape in the vertical writing document was not displayed in the correct position
  • Paragraph with line break at the top of the page was ignored
  • Height of header and footer with only line break was incorrect
  • Picture was placed on the last of the previous page and overlapped with footnote
  • Footer was missing
  • Format of the footnote number was different from MS Word
  • Height of the footnote was incorrect
  • Boundary between the body text and footnote was not displayed
  • Footnote was not displayed correctly
  • Large amounts of blank page output and missing pages occurred
  • When converting the document with many footnotes, large amounts of blank pages were output
  • Position of the table was incorrect
  • Unnecessary border was displayed in the cell split by page break
  • Color of the table border was incorrect 
  • Text color inside the cell was different from MS Word
  • Background color of the table cell was not displayed correctly
  • Table numbers were not displayed correctly
  • Display position of the chapter number of the chapter title was incorrect
  • Text decoration of the numbering was not displayed correctly
  • The height of the area where the background color of the text is applied was narrower
  • Spacing between paragraphs with bullet list specified was wider
  • Line spacing was different from MS Word
  • Line space after the section break was not displayed correctly
  • Spacing before the paragraph was incorrect
  • Position of the page number was incorrect
  • Distribution including ruby was not supported
  • Processing of justification was incorrect 
  • Text boxes in close proximity were overlapped
  • Unnecessary page break was inserted
  • Text string in the header was output to the bookmark
  • Attribute to hide the end of table, cell and mark was ignored
  • Text displayed by the field code "DOCPROPERTY" was different from MS Word
  • Fixed the processing of math formula in MS Word.

Conversion from Excel

  • Conversion process was taking a long time

Conversion from Excel (XLSX)

  • Conversion processing was interrupted without error
  • Conversion was interrupted after outputting an error

Conversion from PowerPoint (PPTX)

  • Paragraph number disappeared

Conversion from MS-Office

  • Error appeared in the converted PDF
  • Insertion part in the formula was not displayed even though the Track Change was saved
  • Display format of the curved connector was different from MS Word
  • Flipped picture in the grouped shapes was not displayed
  • Shape was not displayed
  • Math formula was enclosed with line unexpectedly

Conversion from PDF

  • PDF to PDF conversion did not complete
  • PDF to PNG conversion failed in Linux version


  • There was a bug in the processing of 0-byte file