March 7, 2023


  • Support for PDF/A-2b

The following issues have been corrected:

Conversion from Word (DOCX)

  • Page field format was incorrect
  • Seq field number and format were incorrect
  • Page break position was incorrect
  • Footnotes and images in the body text overlapped 
  • Borders in cells with alternating cell merges were not displayed correctly
  • Unnecessary borders in a merged cell were displayed
  • Priority processing of the line type between table cells was incorrect 
  • Extra space was generated in a cell after a page break in the middle of a cell
  • Page break did not work for the table and the table was not displayed in the page area
  • When processing a table, the conversion did not complete successfully
  • Unnecessary border was displayed in the table
  • Line type inside the table was incorrect
  • Background color of tables was incorrect
  • Background color set in "Styles" was not displayed correctly
  • Page break occurred in a section break that did not break a page
  • Distribution within a layout frame was not displayed correctly
  • Text wrapping for a line in Layout Options was not displayed correctly
  • When there was a tab at the end of line, an unnecessary line was produced
  • Layout frame position was incorrect
  • Footnote was outputted in the footer area
  • Page break did not work for the table and the table overlapped with footnote
  • Lower part of the text in the text box was hidden
  • Support for the bracketed numbers such as bullet numbering
  • Support for the output of some of the invalid Shapes without id

Conversion from PowerPoint (PPTX)

  • When the empty WordArt was included, it produced an invalid PDF
  • Support for the Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement

Conversion from MS-Office

  • Unnecessary borders were produced in Shapes
  • VmlShape was not generated in the correct position
  • Unnecessary borders were produced for VmlShape

Conversion from PDF

  • Program terminated while loading the specific PDF file