How To: Change MathML Subscript/Superscript Size Limit

June 21, 2016

The default minimum size of MathML is due to MathML's 'scriptminsize' limit. This prevents super and subscripts becoming smaller than 8pt.  The limit can be removed by wrapping the MathML code in an <mstyle> element with scriptminsize set to 0 or it can be changed in a Formatter configuration file.  Ex:

<mml:mstyle scriptminsize="0pt">

Formatter configuration:

---- config.xml ----
<mathml-settings scriptsizemultiplier="0.71" scriptminsize="0pt" />

'scriptsizemultiplier' can then be used to increase or decrease the size as needed.

To load the Formatter configuration file you can use the '-i' option with the command line interface:

ahfcmd -d sample.html -o output.pdf -x 4 -i config.xml

In the graphical interface the configuration file is loaded through the 'Format -> Import Option Setting' menu.