Variable-Data Printing

Variable-data printing allows you to customize every manual and booklet you’re creating by moving or replacing segments to meet your needs. If you’re a car manufacturer, you can simply change out engine or other sections relevant to a specific model in a standard booklet that contains your contact information and warranty information.

All the benefits of modular Web development have arrived for your next printing job when you take advantage of the Antenna House variable data publishing software.

Variable-Data Printing Uses

The most common use of variable data publishing software is for marketing that tailors your message to each and every customer on your lead generation list.

The main benefit of variable data printing is the ability to switch out names, addresses, and other unique identifiers without having to change files or stop the printing process. This means you’ll get everything prepared for your entire campaign in one full swoop.

Want to check everything before it goes out? Simply run your new documents through the Antenna House Regression Testing System and make sure that only the fields you want changed get edited as the system creates all of your documents.

What Are the Response Benefits of Variable Data Printing?

VDP campaigns have a 10-times higher response rate than traditional direct mail campaigns because of the personalization it offers. Targeting customers with custom imagery, text, and documents can yield larger order sizes and improve the chance for repeat business while reducing your total order cost because there’s no need to stop the printing process.

Use variable data publishing software to print only as many documents as you need to fill orders and reach all of your customers. Save yourself money and time with no waste and clearly-labeled documents, so everyone is included.

Integration With Add-Ons

One great benefit of variable data printing is that you can incorporate it with the Antenna House Formatter suite and its add-on products. Using the variable process allows you to turn on the barcode generator and change the barcodes being embedded in your document.

This paves the way for advanced A/B testing or when sending out documentation that has a barcode specified by your vendor partner instead of your own operations.

If you’re only creating digital documents, you can set your database to generate a custom URL for every single client — then run processes in the Antenna House Formatter and Regression Testing System to ensure you’re delivering an error-free personal touch every time. Contact us today to learn more.