Understand and Use XSL-FO



XSL-FO Understand and Use XML Processing for PDF and Print

by Manfred Krüger
MID/Information Logistics – Antenna House Partner

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The automated creation of sophisticated print layouts and function-rich digital publications (E-PDF) and documentation from arbitrarily structured XML documents: this is what the XSL-FO technology offers. The basic part contains a compact introduction to the techniques of data transformation (XSLT) and data access (XPath), providing the necessary application know-how for beginners in the field. For experienced XSL-FO designers the application part contains a wealth of examples, even for complex document design. The Antenna House XSL Formatter is the recommended formatting engine. Its extensions and special features are described in detail. The code for the DTD (simplified DocBook structure) and the XSL-FO stylesheet can be copied into any XML editor without errors. The result of code collection is a complete stylesheet for book-like applications with title, table of contents, chapter structure in several levels with complex text structures, tables, graphics, multimedia objects and a two-level subject index. 

About the Author

author-image Manfred Krüger has over 25 years of experience with XML-based, automated sentence systems for processing structured documents. For more than 10 years, he has been working with XSL-FO for the production of publications and technical documentation in many industrial sectors.