Word API V0.4

July 26, 2022

Antenna House introduces Word API, a multi-functional processing library for Word documents that features mail merging, removing links, comparing documents, and inspecting documents on the server side. This tool is still in development and has not been released, but there is a 30 day alpha test for those that want to try it out. All feedback, feature suggestions, or questions after the evaluation are welcome. 

V0.4 Features:

  • Mail Merge
    • This is a standard feature of Microsoft Word, but Word API allows you to mail merge on the server side and has the following features:
      • Supports multiple data file formats
      • Outputs a file for each record of data
      • Supports template files in complex formats
  • Remove Links
    • In Microsoft Word, you can use links to browse documents and images. However, if the referenced file moves, it will result in an error. Word API fixes this problem by importing the linked file into the document, thus removing the link to prevent possible errors.
    • Links for the following files can be removed:

      • Sub documents
      • Link format image
  • Compare Documents
    • You can analyze the difference between two documents and get the difference result in different formats. 
    • The results can be obtained in the following formats:

      • Document with the differences underlined
      • Document with the differences converted into the comparative table format
      • "Label (item name)" - "data" format
  • Inspect Documents
    • You can inspect and remove "document properties and personal information" and "hidden text" if they are enabled in a Word document.