Antenna House Office Servers Word API

Merging Data into Word Documents is Simple

Antenna House Office Servers Word API is a data merging library for Word template documents on the server side. Now you can quickly merge data from Excel or a database to Word documents (.docx) without having to install Microsoft Word. 

This product has not been released yet and is still in the trial stages. If you would like to be a trial user, sign up to test the alpha version!

How does it work?

Step 1: Design a form template

Before using this tool, you need to design a form template using Microsoft Word. Set a "field" where you want to insert data. This can be done using standard Microsoft Word features.


Figure: Set fields for merge in form template document in Microsoft Word

Step 2: Merge data into the template 

Use Antenna House Office Servers Word API to merge data exported from a database (or other data sources) into the template (docx file). Microsoft Word is not required for this step.

You can run the merge process using  command-line, .Net, Java, or C+ and the supported file formats for the source data are CSV and JSON.

Once the merge process is complete, this tool will output a new Microsoft Word file (.docx) with the merged data. 


Step 3: Use the merged data file

This new .docx file can be used like a regular Microsoft Word document. Share it with others and they can edit it with Microsoft Word or print it out. Take it one step further by converting the .docx file to PDF on a server with Office Server Document Converter! No need to install Microsoft Office or worry about additional licenses.

Check out our tutorial to see it in action and sign up to test the alpha version!

  • Easy to learn and use
    • Use the familiar Microsoft Word to create the form template
    • Use the docx file as a template as it is
    • No new tools are required to utilize the form
    • The merged output file will be saved as a Microsoft Word document (.docx) for easy editing
  • Choose to ouput merged files as
    • Separate .docx files for each data set
    • One complete .docx file with all merged data sets
  • Repeating two patterns
    • Simple version repeats only for each source data
    • Composite version allows you to repeat the source data for each item and repeat the details inside that item
      • You can select whether the number of output lines in the detail section are fixed or variable. If you make it variable, the line for the details will increase to fit the entire contents of the details for the item.
  • When data does not fit in the repeat width (cell width) set in the template, you can customize the settings for:
    • Line feed (default)
    • Font size reduction
    • Character truncation that does not fit
    • Padding
  • Insert images easily by specifying the image file as the merged data

Supported operating systems:

  • Windows 10 (Desktop)
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019

The OOXMLTool API series is middleware that creates and processes Microsoft Office files such as Word and Excel from programs. It is intended to be used by incorporating it into the user's system. Office files created and processed with the OOXML Tool API can be converted to PDF with Office Server Document Converter (OSDC).

The Microsoft Office document format, OOXML, is the standard format defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the international standard specification ISO / IEC 29500-1 to 4: 2016. It can be used in various applications such as Microsoft Office.