Supported Systems/Restrictions

Supported Systems

The following operating environment is required to install and use "Word API".



Windows 11/Windows 10 (64bit)

Windows Server 2022/2019


Intel-based CPUs and 100% compatible processors that can properly run the above OS.


At least the memory recommended by the above OS (in addition to this, at least 1GB of free space is recommended).


At least 100 MB of free space required to install this product.


The following .NET runtime and Visual C++ 2019 runtime libraries are required to use this library.

NET Runtime and Visual C++ 2019 Runtime Libraries must be installed in the runtime environment beforehand.

Windows Desktop Runtime 5.0 (or .NET 5.0 SDK)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable Package

The Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable Package can also be installed by using the installer for this library.


When Word API V0.4 is executed in a virtualized environment (VMware, Hyper-V, etc.), there are no functional limitations if the virtualized environment guarantees the same behavior as on the real environment.



  • Unlinking of sub-documents and embedding of images in link format are supported only for local ones.

  • Document comparison compares only the content of sentences and tables. It does not compare formatting such as font size or color.