HTML on Word Plug-in

Create Clean and Rich HTML Without Writing Tags

HTML on Word Plug-in is a tool that converts .docx format files edited and saved in Microsoft Word into simple and easy-to-edit HTML. By converting HTML from a Word document, it's easy to create webpages with an editor that everyone is familiar with. You can also efficiently create high-quality webpages without using tags by taking advantage of powerful editing functions such as Word's document review function, document outline processing, drawing function, and table creation functions. The latest release V1.2 is available now - try it for 30-days free!

How Does it Work?

  • Convert to HTML with Plug-in
    • This plug-in instantly converts the .docx document you are editing to HTML format. You can do it at any time while editing, so it's easy to preview the creation status.

  • Change Conversion Option Settings
    • You can specify a CSS file to link to HTML and can quickly check the results of creating a web page.
      You can specify whether to start a new line after the end tag. The default setting is no line breaks, but you can output highly readable HTML by specifying it.

  • Convert to HTML via Command-line
    • By using the command line, you can output HTML with multiple and finer conversion settings.
      • Specifying the HTML to output (HTML5 or XHTML)
      • Multiple settings for linked CSS
      • Image data URL embedding
      • Output and read conversion parameter setting file

See the Results!


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  • Clean HTML can be created and edited in Word without tags
    Since HTML is converted directly from Word, there is no need for difficult tagging. It's also much more expressive than HTML markdown, yet much easier to edit. Also, unlike Word's HTML output function, no styling is specified in HTML which makes editing quite simple.
  • You can edit and preview results with the plug-in
    Since it is a plug-in, you can convert the file being edited in Microsoft Word to HTML as is and preview the result. This is a benefit for those who know HTML but have trouble writing it directly.
  • Can be saved in simple HTML format with no extra tags
    Unlike the HTML output built into Microsoft Word, this plug-in converts to compliant, accurate and easy-to-edit HTML. Since only the content (HTML) is generated, it is easy to edit, manage, and incorporate into existing webpages.
  • Take advantage of Word's powerful document editing capabilities
    You can take advantage of Word's document editing functions such as heading style, automatic table of contents creation, text review function, and table/line drawing creation. It is more efficient than creating HTML directly because you can smoothly describe the tags and structural descriptions required when creating HTML.

V1.2 - Enhancements:

1) Added option to output the name of the paragraph style set in Word as the value of the class attribute of the <p> or <h> tag in HTML.
2) Now able to output the style name specified for the table as the class attribute value of the <table> tag.
3) Added option to output italics, underlines and strikethroughs in Word font groups as tag or style attribute value.
4) Added option to output original image files in their original format without conversion.

See full details here.  Latest releases: MR1 and MR2

V1.1 - Enhancements:

1) Outputs <thead> tags in tables.
2) Added option to specify JavaScript file path to <script> tag of <head>.
3) Added option to specify media attribute when linking CSS.
4) Adjusted included CSS to reflect enhancements.

See full details here.

V1.0 - Initial Release

You can see more detailed functions, parameter settings, conversion specifications, etc. in the user manual.

This plug-in can be used on a desktop PC running on Windows 10 and Windows 11. 

It cannot be installed on a server and used in such a way that multiple users share functionality.

Windows Desktop License $350
Annual Maintenance $70