OSDC7-iconOffice Server Document Converter V8.0

Convert Multiple Documents & Images to PDF and PDFs to Images!

OSDC_V8Office Server Document Converter (OSDC) will batch convert Word, Excel & Powerpoint to high quality PDF or image formats that are easy to share and look accurate on any screen. It’s easy to use OSDC in any workflow, whether it is to convert your files on demand or in a batch operation at high speed.

OSDC is the favored solution of network application service providers due to the shortened development time. It is thread safe allowing concurrent access to the software and includes APIs for Java, .NET, COM, Command-line & C/C++.

30-Day Free Trial Product Guide

Convert Documents to PDF without MS Office or Adobe Software

Competing software rely heavily on MS Office and Adobe software to do their conversion, which significantly slows down conversion speed, adds to costs and limit the number and individual size of documents. OSDC uses its own creation engine, freeing you from those limits and additional costs. In production, OSDC has converted on average over 100 pages per second*.

Support for Tagged PDF, PDF 2.0, DocuWorks, Excel sheets, PowerPoint notes, SmartArt, OOX Math Equations, and Fast Web View

The latest V8.0 release comes with new support for AWS Graviton2, .NET 5 on Windows, tagged PDFs, track change feature in Word, plus more! The previous version V7.2 included  support for PDF 2.0 and DocuWorks (XDW) conversions and V7.1 came with the flexibility to select specific Excel sheets for PDF conversion. Convert a single Excel sheet or a range of sheets to PDF. It also allows you to convert notes associated with PowerPoint slides; choose between portrait or landscape display. V7.0 introduced support for SmartArt, OOX Math Equations, Fast Web View, Ideographic Variation Sequence (IVS), Linearized PDF output, variable column width, ListNum fields, and Word outline hierarchy in the bookmark when converting to PDF.

OSDC Document Conversion Use Cases

Thumbnail Generation

Convert Word, Excel and/or Powerpoint files to SVG, JPEG or PNG to create thumbnails.

PDF Generation Server

Once Office Server Document Converter (OSDC) is installed on a server, the API can be use to automate conversion of files to PDF.

File Detoxification

OSDC can be used to clean files that contain macros or scripts. Simply convert Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF file to an image (JPEG/PNG/TIFF/SVG).

Product Highlights

* Conversion of RTF & Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & Powerpoint) documents to PDF on a server
* No need for installation of MS Office or Adobe Software
* Support for Conversion of Microsoft Office 97-2019
* Bidirectional Text BIDI support (Ex. Arabic & Hebrew)
* Fast, high volume Conversions
* Unlimited number of users, unlimited conversions per server
* Conversion of documents to JPEG/PNG/TIFF
* Direct Printer output
* Conversion of images and text to PDF, SVG 1.1/SVG Basic/SVG Tiny/SVGz, JPEG/TIFF/PNG
* Conversion of PDF and MS Office documents to Adobe Flash format
* Conversion of password protected files
* Plus version adds CGM input
* Plus version adds XPS and INX output files
* Easy system integration: Command-line, .NET, COM, Java and C/C++ interfaces
* Available for Windows and Linux
* Conversion of Excel files by sheet
* Wide range of conversion capabilities

Conversion to PDF

* Generates a PDF file without requiring Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Office on your server
* Supports PDF versions 1.3-1.7, 2.0 and PDF/A-1b:2005
* A master password can be set to limit changes to the document
* Output AES128bit/AES256bit coding
* You can use the same password as your Adobe Acrobat
* The font used in the original MS document can be embedded into the PDF file (providing the same font is installed on the server)
* The resolution and size of images can be specified
* Has the ability to embed a hyperlink when converting MS Word and MS PowerPoint to PDF
* Will retain bookmarks when converting MS Word documents
* Can now convert text files to PDF

Conversion to SVG

* Generates an SVG file from an MS Office document or image. This means you can now display documents or images on a cellular phone equipped with an SVG viewer.
* Converts to SVG 1.1, SVC Basic, SVG Tiny and SVGZ
* Fonts can be embedded into an SVG file provided the font is installed on the server
* Images can either be embedded into an SVG file or be external files linked from an SVG file
* Multi-page documents can be split or individually selected for outputting
* Your converted SVG can be displayed on cellular phones or any other device that has the ability to view SVG Basic or SVG Tiny
* Can now convert text files to SVG

Conversion to JPEG/PNG/TIFF (Windows Version)

* Generates JPEG/PNG thumbnails suitable for a visual library
* The output resolution can be specified from 50 to 1440 dpi
* The reduction rate can be specified by either % value or pixel value
* Your output can be displayed on any piece equipment that can display JPEG or PNG
* Can now convert text files to JPEG/PNG

Available for Windows, Linux, and AWS

Office Server Document Converter runs on the following environments:

Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016
Windows 10 (x64)

Linux 64bit:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux series
CentOS series
Fedora series

OSDC for Linux version is built by GCC 8.3.1. In order to run this program, glibc-2.28, libstdc++8.3 or the libraries that are binary-compatible with these are required.

AWS Graviton2New
OSDC for Amazon Linux 2 Graviton2 version is built by GCC 7.3. In order to run this program, glibc-2.26, libstdc++6.0.24 or the libraries that are binary-compatible with these are required.