License Type

Server license

Operation start date

February 2017


Installed system



"eValue NS2 Document Management" securely shares and manages document data, which are corporate information assets. Its security function is supported by Secure PDF Server for eValue NS.

Automatically convert registered documents to secure PDFs

We can create secured PDF files in batches for files registered in a specified folder. In addition to restrictions for editing, processing, and copying of PDFs and printing permission restrictions, downloading and copying of PDFs can also be restricted. The generated secured PDFs can be viewed not only on a PC, but also on an iPad (*1).
*1: "HGView" by HyperGEAR, Inc. must be installed on the iPad.

Automatic generation of highly compressed PDFs with text

Auto-generated highly compressed PDFs with transparent text are text-searchable. It also saves disk space.

High-precision conversion to PDF without client software

The "Secure PDF Server for eValue NS" uses the Office Server Document Converter functionality to perform PDF conversions without requiring the program that created the original files.

Why we choose Office Server Document Converter

  • Previously, we had been running Microsoft Office files in PDF format on a server. However, we switched because the license counting method for Microsoft Office had changed, requiring the purchase of a specific product to use the license on the server.

  • When using Microsoft Office to create PDF files, there were problems with the inability to batch process large numbers of files and the processing time required.

  • With Office Server Document Converter, we can convert PDF files even if you do not have Microsoft Office installed. The feature to quickly convert multiple files at the same time is another reason for selecting it.