OSDC V9.0 New Features

Learn about the enhanced features in Office Server Document Converter V9.0.

Docx2HTML Features

"Docx2HTML version" specialized for converting docx files to HTML has been added.

Convert docx format files edited and saved in Microsoft Word into simple, easy-to-edit HTML. You can easily create Web pages from documents created in familiar Microsoft Word.

Proprietary program to convert Word documents to HTML

  • An independent conversion engine that analyzes docx files edited and saved in Microsoft Word and converts them to HTML.

  • Convert without Microsoft Word installation.

Create simple and extra tag-free HTML

  • Converts HTML to accurate, easy-to-edit HTML that conforms to HTML standard specifications, unlike Microsoft Word's built-in HTML output feature.

  • Only the content (HTML) is generated as output, so it is easier to edit and manage, and can be easily incorporated into existing Web pages.

Various HTML can be converted by specifying options

  • Command line conversion can be specified by conversion option parameters.

Conversion Option Setting File

  • The conversion option settings file is a file that stores parameter values for conversion options.

  • When executing the command line, specify the name of the conversion option setting file to be read.

  • If you want to repeat a conversion with the same settings, specify a conversion option setting file instead of specifying options each time.

        →Features: HTML Conversion

.NET6 Support

.NET6 is now supported in the .NET interface.

  • Standard/Plus version

    - Windows


       Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8.x/ 4.7.x/ 4.6.x/ 4.5.x/ 4.0

    - Linux



    - Amazon Linux 2 Graviton2

       .NET interface is not provided.


  • Docx2HTML version

    - Windows



    - Linux


PDF/A-2b Support

PDF/A is specified in ISO 19005 and is a specification for the long-term preservation of electronic documents.
Office Server Document Converter V9.0 and later can output PDF/A-2b:2011, an ISO 32000-1 (PDF1.7) based specification partially compliant with ISO 19005-2:2011.

Specify the PDF version (PDF/A-2b) to create.

  • -pdfver PDF/A-2b:2011

    Note that Office Server Document Converter V7.2 and later can output PDF/A-1b:2005, a PDF 1.4-based specification partially compliant with ISO 19005-1:2005.

Output specific cell area in Excel

  • -xlsoutputarea

    Parameters for specifying Excel output cell range.
    The cell range is specified by a string in the form of a "sheet_name!cell_range". Separate sheet names and cell ranges with "!". The cell range is specified in the same way as the Excel cell range specification, in the format "column_name row_number:column_name row_number". If there is no sheet specified, it is ignored. (Standard/Plus version)

Excel form control

Support for the Form Control and Combo Box. (Standard/Plus version)

Option to not output Office properties

  • -propertynonoutput

    Office file properties (Title/Subject/Author/Keywords) are not outputted. (Standard/Plus version)

Integrated version

  • OSDC Integrated version is a set product of the Plus version and Docx2HTML Output version.

  • The installer contains two versions, a Plus version and a Docx2HTML output version.

  • Use a common license file.

  • The OSDC Integrated version does not have a Non-Production license.