Supported Systems


Windows 11/Windows 10 (64bit)


Intel x86-based processor (1 GHz or higher recommended) running the above OS.


At least the memory recommended by the above OS (in addition to this, at least 1GB of free space is recommended).


At least 100 MB of free space required to install this product.


(for add-in)

Microsoft Word 2021


Note: This product cannot be used in a server or thin client environment (on a virtual OS).


  • This product is not capable of converting HTML for all functions that can be set in Word. Please refer to "Chapter 5 Conversion specifications" in the online manual for the items that can be converted.

  • The structure of the data inside a Word file may differ from the way it appears in Word. For this reason, even if the appearance in Word is fine, the result may not be as expected when converted to HTML. (For example, lists are output separately, numbered lists are separated and paragraphs are inserted between them, paragraphs are separated in the middle of sentences even though there are no paragraph breaks in the Word file, etc.)

  • If there are multiple tables of contents, only one will be treated as a table of contents. In this case, the table of contents created with the "Built-In" option in Word's table of contents function will be given priority. Otherwise, the first table of contents that appears in the document is treated as the table of contents.

  • The command line version does not support folders and files on Microsoft OneDrive.

  • The CSS files included with the product as samples or distributed on the web page do not define styles for all the id and class attributes in the HTML output. In addition, the design and layout may not be what the user expects. Please customize the CSS files as necessary.